6 Psychological Tricks That Will Make Your Crush Like You

It’s not always too obvious why you like someone. Maybe it’s their quirky charm, maybe it’s their smile. Who knows? But when you get a crush on someone then you start to think about them and whenever you see them, you just can’t stop looking at them.  Crushes can be weird because they develop without … Read more

5 Rules Of What Not To Do In Chat Rooms

Chat rooms are an exciting way to connect with other individuals who share a common interest with you, even if that interest is simply the desire to meet new people and have a conversation, Chat rooms are a new type of social environment that has emerged in the digital space. Assuming your goal in entering … Read more

How to Love Yourself?

Loving yourself is something that is incredibly overlooked in modern society, yet, it is arguably one of the things many of us need to work on the most. We think that it is easier to love others than loving ourselves but we can’t really love someone else before we start to love ourselves and be … Read more

The Difference Between Infatuation vs. Love

There is no seemingly clear-cut way to distinguish between infatuation and love, at least not in any measurable or quantifiable way. However, there is one sure-fire sign that will most likely tell you whether the feeling you or someone else is experiencing is closer to love or infatuation: time. Infatuation, on the one, hand, is … Read more

How To Get Over Someone You Never Dated?

We have all been there, developing feelings for someone whom we never even dated. This is a natural thing and happens to most people around the world. Out of nowhere, they start to develop feelings for someone who might not even have a clue about it. It’s a very strange experience to find yourself feeling … Read more

How To Get A Girl That Has A Boyfriend?

The thing with emotions is that you control them. You can’t help the way you feel about something. Even when you can logically understand something and tell yourself the reasons why you should or should not feel a certain way. When it comes to developing feelings for a girl that has a boyfriend, clearly this … Read more

How To Slide Into A DM And Totally Rock It

Nowadays, there is no need to using cheesy pickup lines to talk to someone, instead, the most appropriate method that is considered is to slide into someone’s DMs. DMs or Direct Messages are a way to take conservation to a private level and start your conversation there. Sliding into DMs can be incredibly daunting. I … Read more

Should You Be Friends With Your Ex?

This topic is one that could bog you down in pro/con lists for all of eternity if you let it: you can ALWAYS find a great reason for rekindling the fire if you are looking for it (friendship style): for one, who knows you better than your ex? They were probably there for you during … Read more

The Art Of Flirting

Flirting is something many people struggle with and are convinced they are unable to do. The thing is, it’s not rocket science. If you follow some simple procedures you will shock yourself in how much success you can yield without implementing significant effort. Flirting is an art and an important social tool by which you … Read more