6 Psychological Tricks That Will Make Your Crush Like You

It’s not always too obvious why you like someone. Maybe it’s their quirky charm, maybe it’s their smile. Who knows? But when you get a crush on someone then you start to think about them and whenever you see them, you just can’t stop looking at them. 

Crushes can be weird because they develop without any obvious reason and scientists have yet to crack the code on precisely what it is that causes people to fully develop an attraction towards someone, but whatever it is, it is very strong and it makes you attracted to the other person like a magnet.

Everyone gets crushes but how to make them also like you? This is the main question! While there is no perfect way to do that, here are some interesting findings of things you can do to make someone instantly like you:

1. Copy The Person You’re Interacting With

It is a technique called Mirroring which involves mimicking the other person’s facial expressions, behavior, body language, and mannerisms. It is an experimental technique and it is confirmed that when you mimic someone’s overall behavior then that person is most likely gonna fall for you. This isn’t is a common thing and you probably might have not heard about this but this actually works. Most of the people are gonna like the people who had been mimicking their behavior.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Be Open Up

Nobody is perfect, but almost everybody is afraid to admit it. By occasionally revealing your flaws, you are letting the other person know you trust them. By letting people know you trust them, they feel an emotional connection to you. By laying your cards out on the table, you are welcoming people into your space and letting them know you want them to see who you really are: this is very flattering.

When you’re opening up to someone then you’re making them feel like they are important to you that’s why you’re trusting them and sharing your secrets. This will bias the other person’s interest towards you.

3. Act Confident

As simple as this sounds, competence is the key to confidence. If you know what you’re talking about, you will appear confident by default: this is true confidence. People are drawn to this inner-knowing and will automatically like you. When you’re being confident then you’re automatically creating an image in the other person’s mind that this person knows what he is doing or talking about and as you may know, everyone likes confident people.

4. Make them feel that you like them

It is a common psychology phenomenon called “reciprocity of liking” which is basically that when we think someone likes us, we tend to like them as well. So, if you’re interested in a person then you should definitely act like that you’re interested in them and make then feel that you like them. Even if you’re not sure how the other person feels about you, you should act like you like them and they will probably like you back.

5. Give Meaningful Compliments (but don’t overdo it)

Yes, everyone likes compliments and being complimented. If you like someone then you should definitely compliment them and make that person feel special. Look for things that make the other person feel unique and special. By giving out thoughtful compliments every now and then, the person doesn’t just feel good, but really appreciated them.

There is a subtle catch to it, don’t overdo the compliments. By overdoing the compliments, you’re just diluting the compliments or making that person so used to the compliments that they don’t sound special anymore. So, don’t dilute the compliments by overdoing it. Compliment your crush but don’t overdo it. Life is all about balance.

6. Casual Touches That Aren’t Creepy

To gain someone’s attention, you should try the subliminal touching. Subliminal touching is defined as when you touch someone so subtly that they hardly even notice. Common examples include tapping someone’s back or touching their arm, which can make them feel more warmly toward you. Remember to keep it strictly gentle and subtle so that the other person doesn’t feel uncomfortable. If there is any Uncomfortableness then it will ruin everything and the other person will just try to avoid you.