5 Rules Of What Not To Do In Chat Rooms

Chat rooms are an exciting way to connect with other individuals who share a common interest with you, even if that interest is simply the desire to meet new people and have a conversation, Chat rooms are a new type of social environment that has emerged in the digital space.

Assuming your goal in entering in a chatroom is to be an active participant and communicate with other individuals in a way that leaves you feeling satisfied and fulfilled, it is essential you know not just what you should do, but also what you shouldn’t do.

In this article, I will go over 5 basic rules of what NOT TO DO in chatrooms. If you follow these simple principles, you can enter with confidence that you have set yourself up for success.

Rule 1: Do Not Spam The Group With Repeated Questions, Topics, or Links

Nobody likes a spammer. If you are constantly spamming someone’s inbox with a repeated question then there is a huge chance that you’re gonna get blocked and probably get reported. Don’t waste people’s brain calories on things that are already in existence. If you message someone and they don’t reply the first time then it’s fine. But constantly sending the same message/question, again and again, isn’t gonna get you anywhere. Instead, you should try adding additional value to pre-existing threads and send something interesting that will likely get you a response.

Rule 2: Do Not Only Expect To Receive Value but Also Give Value

Chatrooms are online spaces with real people behind each screen. Do not just use chatrooms for your one-sided benefits if your goal is to be a respected member of the group. If you want people to respond to your questions and comments thoughtfully, you must also respond to other people’s questions and comments. It takes two (or more in this case) to tango. 

You gotta be a responsible member of a chat room or respectful if in private chat. When you are being disrespectful then you will also be treated the same way. Chat rooms aren’t like real life, if you say or do something that might be disrespectful to someone then you will also be dealt the same way.

Rule 3: Do Not Expect Instant Responses, Be Patient

Just because you are completely immersed in the question or comment you just posted in a chatroom doesn’t mean you ought to expect people to get back to you instantly. People are busy in chat rooms and don’t forget people have lives, give them time. Be patient.

It may be that the user that you are trying to engage with is already engaged with other users and probably don’t have the time to respond to any more user. Or it may be that the user is simply not interested in you and you should probably try messaging someone else but don’t expect to get instant responses as people can be busy and depending on your message, they can respond if they want to.

Rule 4: Avoid Using The Phrase A/S/L or Its Variations

The old phrase of ASL or A/S/L has become old and now it is considered rude and not appropriate to send this phrase. In its old days, this phrase used to be a major part of the chats and to get a conversation started. Nowadays, however, A/S/L (Age/Sex/Location) in most chatrooms is considered to be rude and spammy. If you want to establish yourself in the group you must abide by social etiquette and avoid using this phrase or any variation of this phrase.

Rule 5: Don’t Be Inconsistent.

If you want to be known and reputable in a chatroom then you gotta be consistent because the more you chat with other people, the more familiar you get with them. However, it is not necessary to be consistent if you aren’t interested in being a known and valuable member of a chatroom.

But if you are interested in such a thing, you must be fairly consistent. Consistently posting and responding to people will establish yourself and, over time, yield much more value coming your way and more people will get to know about you and in this way,  you will probably see more users responding to you.