How to Treat your Girl Right?

Want to go those extra miles to make your girl feel special? Here are some tips we think are so important in a relationship and how you can treat your girl right.

Be a gentleman

The first thing you should know about treating your girl is that you must act like a gentleman especially when you are in public. In-home or room, it won’t matter much but when you are out with her on a date or to an event then you have to act like a gentleman.

You should behave yourself, no poking jokes, and just like you see in movies, open the car door for her, pull out a seat for her on the dinner table, walk on the outer side of the street. These are little things but they mean a lot and can have a big impact on girls.

Never ignore her

This is a thing that almost every human being hates, being ignored. If you are ignoring her and trying to find out reasons to stay away from her then she will instantly notice it and when that happens she can start to question herself that something is wrong with her or you are not anymore interested in her and in response, she will back out.

Do you really want that to happen? Your girl to back out of the relationship just because you are ignoring her?

Don’t control her

Yes, you may be her boyfriend but you have no right to control her and you don’t own her by any means. If she wants to do something or make a decision such as where should she take the job then you are supposed to give her direction but do not control her.

You have no right to control her. Whatever decision she makes, you have to respect that and support her. Just because you are his boyfriend doesn’t mean that you can control her but you can still tell her what you think but can’t boss her.

Avoid losing temper

Girls are fragile and as Shakespeare said, “Frailty, thy name is a woman.” You are supposed to deal with them with patience. It is natural for every relationship to have ups and down & arguments happen many of the times and they are a part of the relationships.

A gentleman never takes out his anger on a woman or loses his temper. Instead, he contains his anger and avoids losing his temper around her. It’s not that you can just be quiet but there is a difference between being emotional & expressing your emotional feelings and insulting others with temper tantrums.

Compliment her

One of the things that girls like the most are being complimented and complimenting your girl every once in a while will make her feel that she is special to you. But when you compliment her make sure that it will have some meaning behind it. Using words to compliments her that aren’t even relatable to her isn’t gonna hell your case at all.

You should be complimenting her because she’s a part of you and she’s special to you and you have to show her appreciation and how proud you are of her for what she does.

Consider her needs

Remember that you both are a part of the relationship. If you start being selfish and thinking about yourself and your needs then she wouldn’t like it, all. Everyone wants to be taken care of.

Just remember that you take care of her needs and don’t do anything that might irritate her. For women, even the littlest of things can be a big problem.

Just remember that she is also a part of the relationship and it is your job to fulfill her needs. Whether you like it or not, this a part of relationships and in relationships, you have to compromise in order for things to work out.

Listen to her

One of the things about women is that they like to talk and be listened to. If you have a girl then it is your duty to listen to her. Although some of you may not like it it is a part of your relationship and you have to deal with it.

In order to treat your girl right, you have to listen to her. Listen to what she has to say, listen to her life stories and everything but don’t just listen, also take interest and respond to her. This will make your girl give the impression that you care about her.