How To Stop Being A People Pleaser?

People Pleasing can be bad, you are actually ruining your own happiness just to compromise and make others happy. When you’re a people pleaser then you don’t know your own happiness. You do everything that you can to make others happy and please others, while not caring about yourself.

You are risking your mental health, well-being just to make others happy. This can be dangerous for your own health as it can bring an inferiority complex and you consider yourself low than others because you’re compromising and trying to make others happy.

You gotta stop being a people pleaser and actually stand up for yourself. To stop being a people pleaser, you gotta stand and learn how to stop being a people pleaser. Here are some tips that can help you in this regard.

1. Not everyone can be pleased

You should keep this is in mind that some people can’t be pleased no matter what you do. Even if you try your best, some people won’t be pleased because the problem is with them and not with you. Even though everything is right, some people just like to complain because it is in their nature. So, keep this in mind that you can’t make everyone happy and everyone to like you or avoid conflict. Whatever you do, there will always be such people.

2. Self-Acceptance

Learn self-acceptance because once you learn to accept yourself, you won’t need approval or acceptance from anyone else. Once you learn and accept yourself as who you are and realize your worth, you will be able to live much better. You will start becoming a better version of yourself and you won’t need any kind of approval from anyone and you also won’t have to make everyone happy. The only person that will matter to yourself will be you!

3. Don’t do too much!

A common reason why relationships fail too much is that one person does too much, while the other doesn’t give that much effort. The same is the case for every relationship. If you are doing too much and in response, you aren’t getting the same then it hurts too much. Stop tiring yourself by doing too much for people who don’t appreciate you. When you do too much then you expect the same from others, but most of the time this is not the case. Others just don’t waste their energy and time as you do, so whatever you do, don’t tire yourself by giving it everything, instead, do only what is required.

4. Consider if someone is manipulating you.

You will meet all sorts of people in your life, especially those who know who to manipulate others. You will be manipulated by many people in your life and you may not even know about it. The best way to spot a manipulator is to see if he is flattering or not. People flatter you with statements like, “Oh! You’re so good at this, can you also do this for me?” or “Nobody does this thing better than you. Can you do it for me too? ” They just play with your mind and trick you into doing something for them.

5. Learn to say NO!

A reason why most people are people pleasers is that they don’t know how to say NO! to someone. When you are trying to please others then it is very hard to say no, no matter if it takes away your own happiness. But to keep yourself happy and to stop being a people pleaser, you should learn how to say NO!

People can be pushy sometimes, but add your reasons and state that I can’t do this. Explain that you also have a life and you also have things to do. If they are pushing too much then tell them about how you feel because once you get straight up to their faces, they won’t annoy you afterward

6. Prioritize yourself

When you prioritize yourself then you will automatically stop being a people pleaser. Prioritizing yourself means that doing what’s best for you. Yes, you can be selfish at times but in some situations being selfish is what’s best for you. People may call you selfish and that’s fine because you are actually prioritizing your wishes and yourself before others and not giving a damn about what people think.

When you prioritize yourself then you will actually care about yourself and do everything to make yourself happy and not others. While compromising can be useful in some situations, you should also consider when you gotta be selfish and see if the other person is just trying to use you!