How To End A Conversation Politely?

Everyone focuses on making a first impression; however, making a fantastic last impression when ending a conversation is essential. Putting a chat to an end need not always be awkward. It can happen politely and gracefully too. It is an undervalued skill but mastering it is crucial to maintain a good bond. Here are a few ways to end a conversation politely.

1. Excuse Yourself To Call Home

A family-related call always works to end a conversation without offending anyone. A simple statement saying, “Please excuse me; I need to make an urgent call at home to check something,” is a good excuse to move out of a conversation.

However, when you use this excuse, ensure that you either make a call or look like you will make a call. It will make you look genuine.

2. Introduce Someone Else

If you are at an event, consider introducing someone with whom you want to end the conversation. Then, after the introduction, you can politely excuse yourself while keeping the other two busy.

3. Make A Plan Together

You can exit a conversation while still showing interest by making a plan together. You do not need to be specific about the dates if you have no plans of meeting the person in the future.

You can say, “I would love to continue the conversation over lunch/dinner” and then take an exit.

4. Give The Other Person An Exit

Even though you want to end the conversation, you can sometimes make it more indirect. For example, you can say something clever like, “I know you need to meet other people too, but it was great talking to you. I enjoyed the chat.” This tactic has dual benefits. Firstly, you end the conversation with a compliment by stating you enjoyed the chat. Secondly, you showed them you respect their time.

5. Excuse Yourself To Answer A Text

Whether you receive a text or not, you can always excuse yourself to answer a text. All you need to do is look at your phone with a serious expression. After that, simply say you need to respond to this, still looking at the phone. Then say it was nice talking to them, smile, and walk away.

6. Direct Them Back To What They Were Doing

If you have started the conversation in a setup such as a store or a networking event, you can use the context to end the conversation politely. For example, if you have met someone while grocery shopping, you can say, “I am so happy to see you! I will leave you now to continue grocery shopping”.

Again, such a statement shows that you value their time instead of giving the perception that you want to end the chat.

7. Ask For Their Permission To Wrap Things

Even though you do not need their permission to end a conversation, giving them power is a good strategy. For example, try saying, “I haven’t met the host yet. Mind if I step away for a sec?” Most of the time, you will receive permission.

Simply because you have taken permission, the conversation will now end on a good note.

While using these tips, ensure that your body language shows that you are still interested in the conversation!