5 Qualities Every Happy Relationship Has in Common

A happy relationship is the one where everything adds to the well-being of both partners fueled by compromise, trust, mutual respect, and boundaries. For any relationship to work out there should be some other thing apart prom shared interest and feelings for each other.

It involves two people caring for each other, understanding each other, and being there for each other.

Here are the 5 qualities that every happy and healthy relationship has in common and these are the qualities that you should be looking for in a relationship:

1. Compromise

One of the things that every relationship has in common is a compromise. No matter how old the relationship is, compromise is an important part of every relationship.

Many people believe that lack of problems or avoiding the problems in the first place is the key to have a happy relationship but that might not be the case. Problems are a part of every relationship and the key to all of this is to just compromise. When any one of you gets angry then it is the job of the other person to stay calm and not lose his/her temper. The same goes the other way around. Compromise is the key to your problems.

2. Trust

For any relationship to work out, there must be mutual trust between the people involved. Every healthy relationship requires trust and you have to trust your partner not with how you feel and your feelings also with your weaknesses.

You have to trust your partner on every level, physical, spiritual, and emotional level.  Trust takes time to develop and it is important that both you and your partner don’t break each other’s trust because trust takes years to develop but only moments to break.

3. Respect

For every healthy relationship, respect is one of the most important things. Every relationship is incomplete without respect. Before you learn how to love, you should learn how to respect. You should each other needs, boundaries, emotions, and feelings. Having mutual respect is the key to a long-lasting relationship.

Some people might forget about their partner’s feelings and needs once they are in a relationship, however, relationships that are long-lasting require mutual respect between both the partners. Both partners value each other, respect each other’s feelings, take care of each other’s needs, and they do more than just talking, their words, actions, and behavior are aligned with each other.

4. Intimacy

For every relationship, intimacy is like a bright start. Sexual and emotional intimacy is what makes most relationships healthier and successful. Intimacy might be the main difference that you have with your girl and your friend. Intimacy takes time to build but being intimate with each other is the key to a successful relationship.

Being intimate with your partner gives the feeling of being loved, belonging, being accepted, and appreciated for who you are. If you feel that your relationship is hollow or empty then it is because you are not intimate with your partner, both sexually and emotionally.

5. Forgiveness

Forgiveness is just as important for any relationship as is trust and forgiving your partner is a part of compromising. To make your relationship last longer, you will have to accept that every human being has flaws and you will have to forgive them for their small mistakes.

We all are human beings and make mistakes but the key to a long-lasting relationship is to forgive the mistake of your partner, hold no grudges and start as if nothing has happened because these little things can turn big and haunt your relationship.

Forgiveness is crucial for any long-term relationship and you will have to forgive your partner and if you make any mistake then you will also be willing to ask for forgiveness. Forgiving someone isn’t easy and requires courage and vulnerability but it is worth it.

Remember that forgiveness doesn’t mean that you keep forgiving your partner for making you a fool such as cheating on you. These things aren’t acceptable but apart from these things, every human being makes mistakes.