5 Signs of A Toxic Relationship

Everyone wants to be in a nice healthy relationship where they can live their lives happily and enjoy their time with their partner. While everyone wants it, some people don’t get the happiness they are looking instead they end up with a toxic relationship where things are completely different. You are fighting all the time over little things and constantly feel unhappy and drained, not having the energy or motivation to do anything. These are a few signs of a toxic relationship and if you find yourself in a toxic relationship then you need to change things around. Either fix it and if it can’t be fixed then better leave it then to ruin your mental health.

Relationships are weird. With time, they change. Some relationships grow and evolve while others crash and become toxic. Toxic Relationships aren’t because a person is toxic in real life but because of the incompatibility and different needs, relationships can turn out to be toxic. You and your partner may both like each other very much but you are totally different persons and that’s polluting the relationship or the relationship started off great but after a while, people tend to change and show off their real nature, which isn’t what you signed up for in the first place and hence things start to get bad.

No relationship is perfect. You will find couples fighting in almost every relationship and that is completely fine because sometimes fights do happen but toxic relationships are different from normal relationships. In toxic relationships, you will always find:

  • Unhappiness, Anger, Moodiness
  • Avoiding each other
  • Not finding joy in most of the things
  • Work and outside relationships also start to suffer.

Toxic Relationships can be difficult and hard to leave because you are so much attached to the person that the thought of losing them kills you from the inside but keep in mind that sometimes the only thing left is to let them go and move on. Toxic relationships can drain all of your energy both physically and mentally.

If you want to get all of your energy and power back, you gotta fix it or leave it. It is one way or the other.

To identify if you are in a toxic relationship or not, here are some signs that can help you. Every human being can be toxic sometimes and some people do some of these things sometimes but that doesn’t make them or your relationship toxic. A toxic relationship is when there is consistency for these things and each time the damage gets more and more. Here are 5 signs of a toxic relationship.

1. Feeling bad all the time

You feel bad all the time because the energy around you is completely negative and when you see other couples being happy and enjoying, it stings because you couldn’t get the same time. Due to constants fights and drama, you are just feeling hollow and not finding joy in anything. You always think that when would you be able to enjoy your relationship like everyone else, but that doesn’t happen!

2. Lack of Support

Another big sign of a toxic relationship is that there is a lack of support. You and your partner have stopped supporting each and everything seems like a competition. Every achievement is a competition and you are just competing to beat your partner in everything. Both of you don’t have each other back.

3. Avoiding Each Other

In a toxic relationship, both you and your partner start to ignore each other. You do your best to avoid seeing them and having to talk to them. From chatting and texting with each other to seeing each other in real life, you are just doing everything to avoid communicating with them because you just don’t feel like talking to them.

4. Controlling Behavior

This is a very important sign of a toxic relationship when the other person starts to control your behavior. No, it’s not like hypnotizing you and controlling you but it is more like emotionally blackmailing. Constantly questioning you, getting upset over little things, not caring for your needs are signs of a toxic relationship.

These traits can also turn in the form of emotional and mental abuse which can be very harmful to sensitive individuals.

5. Constant Stress

Yes, it is normal that fight happens and a normal of tension runs through every relationship but waking up every morning and finding yourself constantly on the edge is a subtle hint that something is going well. This can take a hit on your physical and mental health if you let the stress and tension take over.